Kuhner announces move to noon

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 10:12:37 EDT 2015

Announcement on air (WRKO just now) by Kuhner.
Kuhner said his ratings have been through the roof in mornings (despite
what his haters online claim). He said a decision was made to drop Rush and
put him in at noon as an “anchor of the station”. This will be around July
4 weekend, no hard date yet. The aim is to syndicate, which is said to work
best at time slots besides morning drive. At first he will stay local but
then there will be more and more stations picking him up instead of Rush,
he feels.

Such a humble guy, the next Rush Limbaugh I guess…and thanks for being so
definite about the exact date, Kuhner-man! [image: :)]

AMD and PMD are very important so, what with his ratings going through the
roof, why not take him OUT of AMD and put him in at noon? Riiiiiight. Gotta
go...Jeff told me he was gonna sell the Salem-Beverly bridge to me... :)

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