McPhee charged with DUI. assault

Karen McTrotsky
Fri Jun 12 14:06:29 EDT 2015

She certainly should not get a pass on her ethical lapse. No, I don't mean
operating under, I mean the demand for special treatment. It is troubling
on two fronts. First, it's the "do you know who i am" card which is never
acceptable because it demands special privilege based on her status or on
who she knows. But wait. there's more. She's claiming that high ranking
public officials in general, and the superintendent of state police in
particular, owe her for past favors. She said that she "defends police,"
which can be taken as a public admission that she slants the news. But even
worse, in asking for her help, she's saying loud and clear that she's
willing to go in the tank for them and expects something in return.

i'm thinking evidence might disappear in this one, especially if her
"defending" police officers has kept some of them out of trouble. her
avowed willingness to ignore simple journalistic ethics make that a very
real possibility.

She should be fired. Not for drinking and driving, but for asking for
favorable treatment in exchange for favorable coverage. it is an
unacceptable ethical compromise that should end her career. Let her go
write crime novels.

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