Rush and talk to WKOX 1430?

Bob Nelson
Mon Jun 15 07:53:44 EDT 2015

It's their only option for now it seems; don't know if they'd bother
leasing time. I don't know how much money they make off Mia.

What would a Talk 1430 lineup be like? Morning drive, who knows (Imus is
still around; he's on 970 in Portland)...Beck, Rush, 6 pm
they could run America Now or heck,
even their own Fox Sports Radio w JT The Brick etc. They wouldn't take
their own Coast 2 Coast off RKO would they... naaah...

Who knows where Rush will land when his contract ends next year. Maybe
still with Premiere but a massive lowball offer.

On Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 6:17 AM, Rob Landry <>

> Am I missing something? They're going to dump a profitable
> Spanish-language format on an otherwise unmarketable 1430 for Rush Limbaugh?
> Why don't they lease time on, say, WNTN?
> Isn't this the same company that had Limbaugh on 1200, with a 50,000-watt
> signal, only to find no audience for him there? If they expect him to do
> any better on 1430, they are clearly sucking on the wrong toad down in San
> Antonio.
> Rob

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