Rush and talk to WKOX 1430?

Bob Nelson
Sun Jun 14 22:15:01 EDT 2015

ha; actually I meant to say we could have FOUR conservative talk stations
in town (we are a hotspot for right-wingers, eh? /sarcasm) as odd it may
seem: WRKO with Kuhner, Carr and perhaps that show; WMEX, with
Michele McPhee in the headlines; a possible Talk 1430 (5 kW day, 1kw
directional night, wow) and perhaps Salem will echo a Beatles lyric with
1260: there may be an Answer...let it be :)

On Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 9:59 PM, Scott Fybush <> wrote:

> On 6/14/2015 9:09 PM, Bob Nelson wrote:
>> iHeart may be blowing up Spanish language WKOX
>> 1430 to provide a Boston home for Rush Limbaugh
>> and their other conservative talkers.
>> If Salem takes 1260 to conservative talk there
>> would then be three such stations in town.
> WMEX: So irrelevant that even Bob Nelson doesn't count it when he's
> listing talk stations? ;)

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