McPhee charged with DUI. assault

Bob Nelson
Sat Jun 13 03:25:56 EDT 2015

McPhee did go on air yesterday but began by saying under advice of counsel
she would not discuss "what happened this week". She said "you know how
much I respect the law". I heard bits and pieces of her 3 pm and 4 pm hours
and it sounded like they weren't taking any calls. Articles in the Herald
and on the site Universal Hub mentioned how she feels she will be
vindicated in the end. Her next court date is in August. I  agree that she
should deal with her issues and come out the better for it.

On Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 10:40 PM, D. A. <> wrote:

> Sometimes a media person is confronted by their imperfections, sometimes
> their demons.
> Adrian Walker, John Dennis, Mike Macklin, Tom Leykis, Reese, Dave Supple,
> Bob Gamere and a few others...and now Michele McPhee.
> When they do, it's often in a very public (and messy) manner.
> We can only wish her the very best.  Let's hope she can deal with her
> issues in the end becomes a better person.

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