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Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Sat Jun 6 13:18:44 EDT 2015

1150 was doomed as a Top 40 station in the early 60's because the
signal was non-existent at night on the North Shore.

My understanding is John Shepard was content with 1260's signal as his
WEAN (790) Providence filled in some holes south of Boston and WAAB
Worcester did the same west of the city. Donna can shed some light on
After WWII, General Tire was blindsided by the Herald-Traveler greatly
improving the 850 signal on then WHDH and lost both baseball teams to
850. WNAC would get the Braves back in 1950 but the 1260 signal was so
bad that General Tire looked for options and finally bought WLAW (680)
but it was too late as the Braves moved in 1953.

Still in the mid 1960's WEZE was a major player in Boston radio and at
times flirted with being #1 in the city. It all came crashing down
when WJIB came along at 96.9.

Bob - if you had been offered 1260 at $500K would you have considered it?

On Sat, Jun 6, 2015 at 11:20 AM,  <Jibguy@aol.com> wrote:
> When I talked to them over 6 months ago, I was told "a couple million" or "a
> few million" or something like that, for 1260.   Looks like there were no
> takers for that!
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>> $500K for 1260?  I am curious if Bob Bittner had a chance to kick the
>> tires
>> for that price.
> I remember Gr. Media paid $2.5 Million for 1150AM back in 1985(?), and 1260
> was always thought to have the better signal between the two of them.
> 1150AM is one of the crapiest signals licensed to Boston proper.
> There were a lot of people who I would have guessed would be interested in a
> AM Boston full-time property at that price.  Bob Bittner is one....I would
> have thought Charles Clemons would have expressed an interest...but I think
> he is only interested in what he can get for free.

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