Salem buying WMKI 1260

Kevin Vahey
Fri Jun 5 10:31:01 EDT 2015

$500K for 1260?  I am curious if Bob Bittner had a chance to kick the tires
for that price.

On Fri, Jun 5, 2015 at 9:10 AM, Bob Nelson <> wrote:

> Salem Media is buying WMKI 1260 as well as a station in Dallas. There is
> already speculation they may change to conservative talk as the Answer, as
> they just did in Pittsburgh (with the usual
> roster of Bennett, Gallagher, Praeger, Hewitt, Medved--in Pittsburgh they
> do have one local-to-them
> talker, Rose Tennant). But would they? It didn't work out for them on 1150
> here. The signal's
> halfway decent for some; would it make money or just be a place for them to
> spread their political
> agenda?
> And...would they take Rush? If they can afford him. WRKO and WMEX can't...

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