Name I am trying to remember....

Dave Doherty
Mon Jul 27 21:41:51 EDT 2015

Tom Shovan, who hyped himself as the "World's Largest DJ" passed away in April, 1999. He was one of the founders of "The Pulse of Broadcasting," which eventually became "Radio Ink," now published by Eric Rhoads.  I met Tom on several occasions. He was bigger than life, and I remember him as positive and happy. 


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> There was an announcer, no not Tom Shovan, who worked at almost every 
> radio station in New Hampshire, probably well represented in other New 
> England states.  He was infamous for two things, doing Wake-a-thon 
> remotes, staying live on the air without sleep for extended periods, 
> sometimes getting very flaky toward the end.  There was one incident 
> at WTSN in Dover (I think) where her went running through the streets 
> of town at the end, the story says he was in some state of undress.  
> Many times he had to leave town due to jealous husbands and/or 
> unplanned pregnancies.

It wasn't Jim Connors, was it?  He used to claim the song W-O-L-D was about him, but Harry Chapin said otherwise...

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