RIP Phil Christie

Linc Reed-Nickerson
Mon Jul 27 12:30:34 EDT 2015

A couple of names from my past, although I hadn't thought about Phil in 
quite a while.  Seeing the name Lew Sargent also brought back memories, 
I had dinner with Lew, and a week later he was gone, that was a long 
time ago.

In the last few years I've seen too many obits from the icons of my 
youth, I turn 70 this week, so I remember that era very well.

Having grown up it Acton I have fond memories of WORC, never would gave 
imagined I'd one day own KORC!  One thing I always remember from WORC, 
the ads for Spags back in the days when blue laws still existed "Closed 
Saturday's Open Sunday!"

My favorite stations through the years....   WTAO, WCOP, WORC AND 
WKBR-FM.... I used to take the train Acton to Boston to Manchester to 
hang out at WKBR, and when I finally got my driver's license and my 
first phone Ralph Gottlieb hired my as a vacation relief at the 
transmitter, I think he hired me because he got tired of me hanging out 
at the studio.

Gentlemen, rest in peace at that great radio station in the sky.

Linc Reed-Nickerson.

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>He did pretty much everything in radio for decades including stints at 
>WCOP , WCAS and WJIB. Link to his obit.

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