WMEX and the disappearing morning show

Bob Nelson
Wed Jul 15 03:59:02 EDT 2015

Daly XXL purchased WMEX 1510 and excitedly launched a new lineup June 2
that included two former WTKK hosts, Joe Ligotti and Michele McPhee. The
noon host, Bill Keeler, didn't turn up at noon but instead one of the
owners, Bryan Berner,
began a new show called Renegade Radio. When McPhee was arrested on charges
of drunk driving and striking an officer (next court date in August),
Ligotti did an emergency fill in, then McPhee showed up the following day
proclaiming her innocence and the station stood behind her.

Last Friday, McPhee announced on air that Renegade Radio would be airing in
the morning.This past Monday, it did just that, with a show hosted by
lobbyist Vince Erichetti at noon. By yesterday, the facebook page took off
the picture of
Ligotti kissing McPhee and replaced it with a shot of the Boston skyline
and the words "live and local". The webpage is unchanged, still with the
old lineup. Some on the facebook page asked "Where's Joe?"

WMEX's response on facebook group to this query: "We apologize for any
inconvenience and thank you for your support."

Not making that up.Did the station management have a fight with him?
Was he unpaid after five weeks? The circus continues and it's anybody's
guess who next shows up in the clown car.

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