Other TV Mets who have moved on. Re: Where is Ed Carroll? (Don)

Ric Werme ewerme@comcast.net
Sun Feb 1 13:44:10 EST 2015

Bob Copeland is an artist in Littleton NH.  I stumbled across his studio when
I saw a familiar handdrawn weather map of our favorite storm.   He's a weather
spotter for NECN.

Dr. Fred Ward (a bit before my time) is still kicking and living in New
Hampshire.  I've met him at various hearings, we're on the same (skepitcal)
side of Anthropogenic Climate Change.  (CO2 is not the demon gas it's made
out to be.)

Don Kent died several years ago.  He lived for years in Sanbornton NH.

Todd Gross was in Salt Lake City, but I've lost track of him.  (His firing is
what made me a member of this mail list!)

 -Ric Werme

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