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Then the CP info on radio-locator is all wrong...  :-(

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 WNVX is
 going to diplex itself into/onto the WNNW tower and it's
 APP for the move to the WNNW site calls for 50kw non
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 >>Apparently this involves moving from the present
 site in Beverly, MA (Endicott College) to the WNNW 800 stick
 in Andover just NE of the I-93 / I-495 junction
 This would involve putting more "sticks" up,
 right...Since it's directional, how many would they
 Does the WNNW site have enough land for that?
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  Subject: WMVX 1570
  Date: Saturday, December 19, 2015, 12:34 AM
  I read via the National Radio Club about WMVX 1570
  transmitter sites sometime soon.
  Apparently this involves moving from the present site
  Beverly, MA (Endicott College) to the WNNW 800 stick in
  Andover just NE of the I-93 / I-495 junction.
  The signal should drop some here on Cape Cod since
 it'll be
  going from about 95% water path to more like about
  75%.  How the signal will change around other parts of
  eastern MA will be interesting.
  I wonder when they move if they will actually power down
  night.  At least some of the time now it would seem
  that they don't since deep into the evening they still
  outgun the Montreal area co-channel station here.
  Mark Connelly, WA1ION
  South Yarmouth, MA

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