FCC Broadcast buyback program..?

Michael Wilkins wilkinsmg@hotmail.com
Sat Dec 19 16:06:59 EST 2015

What happens with "public" broadcasters - those that receive government funding - the likes of WGBH for example? Could they "auction" off one of their "properties," and if so, where does the money go? (whoa, that was a lot of parentheses!)


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> I'm confused. Who is going to pay for all this. The government or
> the cable providers?

Neither.  The wireless companies (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mo) are
going to pay for it.  The government will use part of the revenue from
selling off the spectrum to pay off the broadcasters.

Which of course means that you'll end up paying for it, one way or
another.  (But Congress has already budgeted in fairly optimistic
profits for this whole business.)


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