Change in format of list?

Dale H. Cook
Fri Oct 31 11:09:35 EDT 2014

At 09:23 AM 10/31/2014, Gary Francis wrote:

>Is it just me or is everybody getting some peoples messages wrapped up inside other messages?

I don't recall seeing that, but I have seen some recently (including one today with no subject) where the message I received began with a full set of headers, possibly from an unedited reply. The headers more than filled the 25-line preview window in my email client. My rule for messages like that (or ones that begin with multiple levels of unedited quotes) is that if I don't see any part of the new content of the message in my preview window that message is deleted unread. My reasoning is that if someone can't be bothered to edit a message I can't be bothered to read it.

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