top-40 in 1957

Karen McTrotsky
Sat May 31 13:07:12 EDT 2014

It's Boston radio history 101

There was quite flap over Boston DJs music selection  concerning the 1954
to 1960 period.  Here's a link to a Billboard story from 2/22/60 that
provides a pretty good answer to the situation involving Herald Traveler
Corp's WHDH, certain of its air talent and certain industry practices.

There are also records of congressional committee testimony at the BPL
public documents department for anyone who still believes in scholarly

Fun quote: Norm Prescott, WHDH, WORL, WBZ:  "I personally have no faith in
(Cash Box and Billboard record surveys)"

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On 5/30/2014 5:00 AM, Richard Chonak wrote:

> This WCOP survey lists the song at #31, November 18, 1957:
> Would WCOP list the song if they didn't play it?

That was exactly my point.  Do you or anyone else on the list have other
WCOP surveys?  Also, why would Bob Clayton report is to the Boston Traveler
each week as a pick hit if he were not playing it?

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