Fw: WBUR Cape Cod now broadcasting on 89.1 FM, WBUH Brewster

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><<On Wed, 28 May 2014 23:14:59 -0400, Scott Fybush <scott@fybush.com> said:

> It's not an issue of channel 6 protection, as it would once have been;
> in that case, WBUH might have been built v-pol only, if it would have
> fit at all within the protected contour of WLNE.

>But recall that the original NCE window was before the analog sunset,
>so a lot of those applications (including Home Improvement's) were
>originally filed as vertical-only. If they had actually had the
>resources to build it out themselves, they would undoubtedly have
>filed an amendment to get rid of the V-only just as BU did.


One thing that I found somewhat amusing while perusing WBUR's FCC Application for WBUH:
there's a limited power TV station in New Haven, CT on channel 6!  History repeats itself!
Since the earliest TV allocation for NYC didn't include a channel 5,  New Haven's pioneer
TV station WNHC-TV  went on-the-air on channel 6.  Once WABD-TV started broadcasting, I guess the 
FCC decided that an adjacent channel on a low numbered V in New Haven would interfere with 
the NYC station, but an adjacent channel to a high-numbered V wouldn't.  Voila!   WNHC-TV
was moved to channel  8. 

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