WWBZ 700, WFNX 99.9 "vote for format"

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Wed May 28 23:48:13 EDT 2014

On 5/28/2014 11:35 PM, Jibguy@aol.com wrote:
> Perhaps the callsign WWBZ could be put on the FM, to act as an oversized
> translator for the Sports Hub, with CBS renting it from Steve. Perhaps a
> Worcester area Class A FM would be next.   Saga likes translators, so
> why not CBS?

To what end? CBS has no reason to be interested in the Worcester market. 
The company is focused almost exclusively on the top 20 markets these 
days (with a few heritage clusters such as Hartford and St. Louis 
hanging on). It has long since divested itself of even Buffalo- and 
Rochester-sized markets, never mind a market as small as Worcester. And 
especially never mind a market as small as the tiny corner of the 
Worcester market served by the Athol FM.

I suppose it's remotely possible to imagine that Silberberg might want 
to *affiliate* with Sports Hub to provide programming, the same way some 
New England broadcasters (Jeff Shapiro in NH, Qantum-turned-CC on the 
Cape) affiliate with WEEI. But even so - since the Sports Hub doesn't 
use any "WBZ" branding, why pick "WBZ" calls? The only reason Sports Hub 
is "WBZ-FM," legally, is because (a) it had to be something, (b) Boston 
is a PPM market so calls don't matter and (c) that way WBZ(AM) and 
WBZ-FM appear in sequence in Arbitron/Nielsen Audio printouts. None of 
those factors apply to Athol.

> Hard to imagine how the Athol FM or 700 could make any money on their
> own, especially with distant ownership.  Renting as a simulcast makes
> more sense.

For Silberberg, maybe. For CBS, not at all. And why would Silberberg pay 
CBS for Sports Hub programming when he can simulcast his own WXRV for free?

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