'WMVY' Edgartown, Cape Cod, returns to the air, as WMEX

Garrett Wollman wollman@bimajority.org
Thu May 22 03:20:35 EDT 2014

<<On Thu, 22 May 2014 01:48:05 -0400, A Joseph Ross <joe@attorneyross.com> said:

> On 5/22/2014 1:07 AM, Garrett Wollman wrote:
>>> why'd they give up the WMVY call?
>> Boston University, which now owns the station that used to be WMVY,
>> didn't want it.

> But why would they want to be WMEX?

They didn't, and they aren't.  The station that used to be WMVY (92.7A
Tisbury) is now WBUA.  WMEX (88.7A Edgartown) is owned by a nonprofit
(Vineyard Public Radio) affiliated with Dennis Jackson, and DJ has a
thing for Wimmex.  (Remember, he was using that call on his 106.5A in
Farmington, N.H., before he sold it.)  The nonprofit that was
programming WMVY (92.7) before it was sold, and are running
mvyradio.com now, is buying WMEX (88.7) so that they'll have an actual
on-air voice again, and they are acquiring the call sign from WMVY
(104.3C3 Hartford, Vt.), which is currently silent pending its move to
New York.[1] This was all covered in NERW over the past few months;
it's a great newsletter and it doesn't cost much to subscribe.


[1] Digression: The 104.3 move is currently tolled as the FCC works through a
petition for reconsideration by Hall Communications, which owns (among
other stations in the Burlington market) WKOL (105.1C3 Plattsburgh)
which is currently a tenant on the tower specified in 104.3's
construction permit.  To confuse matters further, when the
reallocation and CP were granted, 104.3 (then WWOD) was owned by
Nassau Broadcasting, which subsequently went bankrupt, and Hall is
arguing the timeliness of Nassau's filing of the applications
subsequent to the FCC's allocations rulemaking some years ago.  The
104.3 license and permit are now owned by another company, which is
trying to get the thing built, because the Burlington-Plattsburgh
market really needs another rimshot FM, what with with two commercial
FMs on the New York side already silent.  (However, based on the WKOL
signal, 104.3C3 from the same tower ought to be a better signal into
the heart of the market than some of those other New York-side
rimshots, which are farther north and west.)

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