WMUR 60th anniversary special

Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Thu Mar 27 16:24:09 EDT 2014

I wasn't able to record the show (sorry Scott), but there was vey little 
historical footage shown, as it was mostly a look at a typical day in the 
WMUR newsroom, from when the morning show producers and anchors start 
arriving for work around 2:30AM till the 11PM anchors leave the building 
just before Midnight. They had cameras sitting in on the daily newsroom 
meetings, the control room during the newscasts, a view of the news set from 
behind the cameras, following reporters in the field, etc. It was a very 
interesting look at all it takes to put the morning, Noon, evening and late 
newscasts together. Going into the commercial breaks they showed brief 
archival clips, one was color home movie footage (with sound) of Uncle Gus 
interviewing a child, probably from the 1970's, next break was a black & 
white videotape clip of the Clyde Joy country music show. next was a news 
promo from the early 1980's.

This look at WMUR's news operation shows how far they've come from the days 
under United Television ownership when the whole station was run on the 
cheap and they only aired 5 hours of news a week, and the Uncle Gus Show was 
their highest rated show.


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