New TIVO not playing well with OTA channels

Larry Sochrin
Wed Mar 26 16:53:52 EDT 2014

Hi.  I got a new TIVO (Roamio) to do DVR’ing with over-the-air digital antenna channels which I receive in a large condo complex through its master digital antenna system.

For most channels, however, the TIVO asks me to pick one of two choices based on my zip code and scanning my antenna. One comes in strong, displays well on my TV, but shows NO TIVO information for the unit to use for its features such as program guide, or scheduling recording, etc.  The other comes in weakly, not enough there to see or hear anything, but it contains all the information that displays in the program guide, is used for scheduling recording, etc. Here’s an example:

2-1 WGBH-DT (TIVO shows it as frequency 19, signal strength 32)
2-1 WGBH-HD (TIVO shows it as  frequency 2, signal strength 67)

The tech support people at TIVO have said:
1. First person - try buying an indoor antenna or putting in a blank cable card if I can find one. (huh?)
2. Second person - reboot thee machine and everything will be fine (I’d already done that lots of times, but did again to no help.)
3. Third person - keep putting different local town zip codes into, an online TV program guide, until I find one that shows both listings.  (I tried, they all show the same one listing, never both.)

I’m stumped.  Before I send the thing back, I’d appreciate any help from someone here.  Thanks!!


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