Stronger HD Signals

Garrett Wollman
Thu Mar 13 13:15:38 EDT 2014

<<On Thu, 13 Mar 2014 09:13:36 -0400, "Jim Hall" <> said:

> I was listening to the jazz on WMJX-HD2 yesterday when, to my surprise, they
> aired a *commercial* (for Best Buy). That's the first time I've heard an ad
> on an HD2/3 station that is not a simulcast. I wonder when (if?) an HD2/3
> station will finally show up in the ratings.

They do, in markets where they are simulcast on translators.  I don't
think I've heard of any market where HD receiver penetration is
sufficient to get multicasts in the book on their own right -- the two
markets where I'd bet on it happening first are Washington (home of
iBiquity) and Los Angeles.


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