Norm Durkee has passed on (WESC)

James Armstrong
Thu Mar 6 09:11:28 EST 2014

As far as I know Al is still around.  Last time I spoke with him he was in Peabody?I think.  

I worked with both those gents when I was fresh out of college.  This was in 1987 and stayed around with them in one form or another for years.  Learned a bunch from both.   Norm retired just a year or two after I started......then i never saw him much.   Al is a stellar gent and I will always look to him as a voice of wisdom.

Jim Armstrong 
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Is Al Needham still around? I remember a number of conversations with him many years ago on the Saturday football scoreboard show. Always was a gentleman toward me.

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Longtime WESX personality Norm Durkee died on Feb 28 according to the Salem
News.Among other things he was marooned at the station during the Blizzard
of 78 and helped in coverage

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