Aereo suspending operations as of 11:30 today

Mon Jun 30 13:29:42 EDT 2014

> The
> issue in question is the provision in the Copyright Act of 1976 requiring
> cable companies to pay broadcasters for the right to retransmit their
> content.  The broadcasters argued that the same provision should apply
> to Aereo, and the Court agreed with that assessment.  Honestly, I have a
> hard time seeing a logical counterargument to that.

There was a time when Cable Companies were retransmitting the local 
broadcast outlets without securing any rights.

I believe the locally "community antenna" systems were for rural or valley 
areas without reception and they were non-profits....i.e..."community".

Everything gets dicey when you start charging a fee....and you are perceived 
to be making money off the content owner.

However, you have to appreciate the wording parsing that Aereo did in a 
rather convincing way that broadcast TV is free to those with an an antenna. 
And I could legally pay my neighbor to put MY antenna on his roof.

There are some charities that parse language as well.  WBUR for instance 
doesn't "sell" their swag during pledge time....they will gladly send you a 
"thank you gift" for your *donation* of  $XX.xx

This way there is no sales tax....when in effect they are selling stuff.


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