Yahoo! subscribers can post to the list again, hopefully

Sat Jun 28 13:13:03 EDT 2014

Thank-You for your hard work and for keeping this remailer going strong.
Too bad mail providers like Yahoo resort to this type of behavior as Mailing 
lists like this one are generally and mostly one of the pleasures of using 
the internet.
Mark Casey

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From: Garrett Wollman
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 9:30 PM
Subject: Yahoo! subscribers can post to the list again, hopefully

I've applied a mitigation from the latest Mailman release that should
allow Yahoo! users to post to the list -- at a cost, however, as all
of their messages will now be "wrapped" by the list to prevent the
Yahoo! mail breakage from triggering.  You can think of it like a
forwarded message, or like a digest that contains only one message.
This should happen automatically for all mail senders whose domains
have requested the broken behavior.  (However, I don't have a Yahoo!
account so I have no way of verifying this until someone posts.)

All current subscribers are set to be moderated, but I will
restore direct posting when I approve your list submissions, once I'm
sure that the workaround is in fact working.


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