Channel Brands & VHF-UHF

Thu Jun 26 12:47:55 EDT 2014

I agree--VHF and UHF are not a consideration and are not understood by most 
viewers, now.
And, in many cases even the channel number designations are disappearing in 
favor of a brand name or callsign. FOXCT (WTIC-TV) in Hartford was once 
WTIC-TV, Channel 61. But even though "61" is still the "virtual" channel , 
(transmits on 31) I don't think you will see "61" anywhere on their 
programming or on the website. They are branded "FOX CT". Even the small ID 
print on the bottom of the screen says WTIC-TV Hartford, Digital 31.1.  It's 
a similar situation with WVIT-30. Now, it's "NBC Connecticut" with nary a 30 
anywhere. Ch's 3 & 8 still use their old numbers, but that's about it in the 
Hartford market. To contrast in Springfield, the numbers are hanging in 
there with channels 22-40-57, and low power CBS3.

For many folks, the only time a channel number comes into play is when 
searching for what you want in the list of cable channels, or if you watch 
off-air broadcast tv.

Mark Casey

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Don't think many under the age of 40 or 45 know the difference between VHF
or UHF
nor do they care.  All they know is where to find the program to watch.  The
advantage of VHF over UHF has long passed.

What does differentiate stations is news infrastructure.  Fox requires a
credible news
department especially in a top 10 market something neither 62 or 68 has.

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