WKLB Axes "Sunday Morning Country Oldies"

Sid Schweiger sids1045@aol.com
Tue Jun 17 20:57:41 EDT 2014

No.  I was working there in the 80's.  WVBF transmitted from the candelabra, not FM128.  They moved to the Pru in 1995.

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On Jun 17, 2014, at 8:46 PM, "Jeff Lehmann" <jjlehmann@comcast.net> wrote:

>> Anyways, I believe it was GM that moved it to Boston. I don't recall an
>> intermediatemove to FM128, so I believe there was country music
>> emanating from the Framinghamtowers when it all began.
> Don't forget that 105.7 was once owned by one of the predecessors to Clear
> Channel (Evergreen?) between Fairbanks and GM. I'll almost guarantee that it
> was transmitting from FM128 or the Pru during most of the 80s, as WVBF was
> definitely a full market signal.
> Hopefully someone like Scott can clear this up for certain.
> Jeff Lehmann
> Hanson, MA

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