WKLB Axes "Sunday Morning Country Oldies"

Jeff Lehmann jjlehmann@comcast.net
Tue Jun 17 20:26:00 EDT 2014

I believe those were just co-owned 1190 (or 1200) WKOX's towers that fell in Gloria. The 105.7 studios may have been there still.

Jeff Lehmann

> On Jun 17, 2014, at 6:35 PM, Bob DeMattia <bob.bosra@demattia.net> wrote:
> WVBF was certainly transmitting from Framingham in 1985 when hurricaneGloria took out one of their newly constructed towers.
> Fairbanks flipped it to country in 1993 as WCLB.   They had a great opening event at the General Cinemas in Braintree where they showed the George Straitmovie "Pure Country".  I got to talk to Loren and Wally, who were dressed in cowboy garb.  But I digress.
> Anyways, I believe it was GM that moved it to Boston. I don't recall an intermediatemove to FM128, so I believe there was country music emanating from the Framinghamtowers when it all began.
> -Bob
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>>> WKLB, the two stations werebattling it out, each getting about half of
>>> the country audience - but that was withtwo class B's (also when 105.7
>>> was still transmitting from Framingham).
>> I'm pretty sure 105.7 was already on the Pru in the early 90s. If not, it
>> would've been on FM128. Did it ever actually transmit from Framingham?
>> Jeff Lehmann

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