WKLB Axes "Sunday Morning Country Oldies"

Rob Landry 011010001@interpring.com
Tue Jun 17 15:49:17 EDT 2014

101.7 is essentially an inside-Route-128 signal. Are there any country 
listeners in that part of the world?

It seems to me the dance format was well suited for this signal and was 
doing at least as well as the old WFNX was. The country move seems awkward 
to me. CC might do better to sell the station.


On Mon, 16 Jun 2014, Bob Nelson wrote:

> Interesting news, and Greater is taking them seriously. Admittedly the
> 101.7 signal is spotty in many areas--have noticed in Peabody, Danvers,
> Lowell/Chelmsford etc. it's very "shaky". It may do very well in Boston
> proper (stick on top of a Bos. building, right?)
> On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 7:58 PM, Mark Watson <markwats@comcast.net> wrote:
>> WKLB has cancelled "Sunday Morning Country Oldies" effective immediately,
>> after just over 20 years on the air. The last show aired yesterday, hosts
>> Michael Burns and Stu Fink were told this afternoon that the show is over.
>> The reasons given was the flip of 101.7 to country as "The Bull" and
>> Greater
>> Media's tweaking their on-air presentation to counter their new
>> competition.
>> Having 4 hours of Oldies/Classic Country doesn't fit well with the rest of
>> the station. It's not known what will fill the 8AM-12Noon slot on Sundays.
>> Michael Burns remains the voice tracked overnight host on WMJX, while Stu
>> Fink has been let go.
>> Disclaimer: Michael Burns is a close friend of mine, he is the one who gave
>> me this news just a while ago.
>> Mark Watson

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