Is WSRO-AM 650 Testing Its Modest Power Increase?

Rob Landry
Mon Jun 16 07:22:44 EDT 2014

On Sun, 15 Jun 2014, Bob Nelson wrote:

> After Radio Free Allston was shut down by the FCC, they made an effort 
> to get on legally as Allston-Brighton Free Radio. One day as they made 
> their debut I drove around the area a bit and tuned to 1670 or wherever 
> they were. They reached a few blocks. The founder, Steve Provizer I 
> think, was giving a speech on air and he said he was happy they were on 
> but he was also angry because he could only reach that small area 
> legally, etc. (Some said later that they were probably pushing beyond 
> legal limits).

The only way to make this work would be to create a network of synchronous 
Part 15 transmitters and feed them all from a common source. It might be 
doable, but would probably not be cheap. To cover a market the size of 
Boston you'd need hundreds of the things, and they'd all have to be linked 
by wi-fi devices like those sold by Ubiquiti.


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