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Fri Jun 13 11:04:31 EDT 2014

> On Wed, 11 Jun 2014, Garrett Wollman wrote:

>> A non-representative sample of university students suggests that the
>> current crop of twentysomethings will tune out for *any* spoken word,
>> whether jock, news, or advertising.

There's little or no credible evidence that the current generation on 
twentysomethings is basically any different than past generations. The only 
recorded difference is the state of technology and technology's influence as 
it affects age groups at the time.

So, historically, I think that it is provable that my generation of 20-29 
year olds, back in the 1970's, was little different than todays'. We 
listened to news and information shows less in our 20's, but did not 
completely tune out the spoken word. We mostly hated commercials! And when 
Nixon and Agnew came on the TV, we'd usually turn them off and turn on the 
music. But we watched 60 minutes, the evening TV news sometimes, and 
listened to radio news.

If the current 20's were tuning out the spoken word then Facebook and You 
Tube would have a smaller base.

Mark Casey

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