"WBZ 700 Greatest Music of All Time"

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Mostly true. The station, which runs 50 kW-D DA-D, has different calls now (don't know the current calls) and is licensed to a town in MD about 40 miles south of DC. Never licesned to anyplace else--certainly not SC. The pattern (three towers) has a wide deep minimum to the northeast to protect WBZ (mainly CH, I believe) and a narrow lobe to the north to cover a lot of the DC market. Last format I heard about was Gospel..

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  I heard a story -- it may be apocryphal -- that there was once a daytimer 
  on 1030 in South Carolina on 1030 that adopted the call letters WBZE.

  When my Rhode Island client still owned 1180 in Hope Valley, I jokingly 
  suggested they try the call letters WAJM.


  On Tue, 10 Jun 2014, daniel strassberg wrote:

  > Is WWVZ available? A chance to incur the wrath of two large companies with
  > one four-letter call sign.

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