Looking for honest answers on this]

Robert Sutherland madprof@fairpoint.net
Mon Jun 9 12:53:15 EDT 2014

I'm still a DX'er, so most of my listening is
scanning AM or FM, especially when driving the
Pike from NY line to Springfield or Worcester.
I also DX from New Lebanon using a standard radio
(fairly isolated here, so no huge IBOC buzz)
  But certain stations I want clean, ie while
driving around Pittsfield, WTBR (Taconic voc
high school) for good hard rock (car radio),
  WADT is the only station I have listened to online,
but its out of range from home.  And, at severe
weather events, I will go online for TV news
that I couldn't receive at home (what, me spend
for cable?).

I have to admit your question set me thinking,
in signal-sparse areas (out west?), assuming folks
have internet (DSL or better) connected, is the
use on online thus much higher then in signal-strong

Bob Sutherland

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