New 1510 talk format to launch next Monday

Scott Fybush
Tue Jun 3 15:27:57 EDT 2014

On 6/3/2014 3:14 PM, Bob DeMattia wrote:

> I thought ex-WTKK was doing reasonably well (until they blew up their
> lineup).And WXTK on the Cape isn't doing to badly either.

WTKK was struggling pretty badly in its last few years. In many ways, it 
was a classic example of what happens when you don't have any 
"stationality." What did "WTKK" stand for, aside from its individual 
(and very disparate) talk personalities?

WXTK isn't quite "heritage," but by the standards of Cape radio, it's 
darned close, especially considering that it was built on the foundation 
of the Cape's first station, WOCB. It's been doing talk long enough that 
it preceded the move to today's politically-polarized format. It's 
certainly not lacking "stationality," and it has the distinct advantage 
of a competitive field in which nobody else has any real full-service 
heritage, either. The closest competitor for that title in the odd 
landscape that is Cape FM is probably WQRC.

Someone had mentioned WHJJ earlier. It has heritage and maintained some 
degree of stationality, but it was really starved of oxygen for a few 
years by Clear Channel, especially compared with the news presence WPRO 
maintained. You can only abuse even a heritage station for so long 
before it suffers. Entercom nearly killed WRKO that way, and was saved 
in the end only by the dual collapses of WXKS and then WTKK. A 
better-focused WTKK might have done in WRKO, had things played out just 
a little bit differently.

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