New 1510 talk format to launch next Monday

Bob Nelson
Tue Jun 3 13:57:30 EDT 2014

It may not have been much promotion, but when WXKS and WKOX started the
progressive talk, there were some billboards (Clear Channel ones probably)
for it,
however briefly. and also some newspaper articles in the Globe, etc. As I
noted at the time, WKOX/WXKS didn't have a daily local talk host, though
Jeff Santos got some hours on Sundays. (When CC tried Rush Radio, by
comparison, Jeff Katz and Jay Severin were hired for AM and PM drive.
During my trip to New Orleans, I noted WRNO "Rush Radio" on FM had former
WRKO host John "Ozone" Osterlind on, afternoons. He's still there.)


"A year after the left launched a major effort to combat Rush Limbaugh and
conservative dominance of the airwaves, liberal talk is taking hold here
and in scores of other cities", wrote Mark Jurkowitz.

On Tue, Jun 3, 2014 at 12:07 PM, Kevin Vahey <> wrote:

> $23,000 in rent for the transmitter, a hefty power bill from NSTAR and
> studio space at Marina Bay ( which isn't cheap )
> Good luck with that

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