WXRV translator

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Mon Jun 2 15:01:20 EDT 2014

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>On 6/1/2014 6:17 PM, Rob Landry wrote:

> There is an 8-bay FM antenna about 2/3 up the ex-Stainless tower. Is
> that the translator? If not, who is it?

>That's the CBS Radio aux, a fairly new facility they built in some of
>the space that used to be the WSBK analog plant.

>I believe the translator is a single-bay Shively. If Mike Fitzpatrick
>doesn't have a picture yet on NECRAT, I'm sure he will very soon...


No waiting:  NECRAT has several new pictures AND the 96.5 translator right now.  I wonder how soon the
WBUH-FM stick will appear.

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