Fox Pulls Ads From All Entercom Stations

A Joseph Ross
Sat Jul 26 01:17:47 EDT 2014

On 7/25/2014 9:52 PM, Kevin Vahey wrote:

> We have most likely heard the last from Kirk Minihane as it now has
> cost Entercom a lot of money in ad revenue. His original comments were
> bad enough but to follow up on the topic this week was insanely stupid
> on his part.

Well, so far it's just a one-week suspension.  We'll see what happens 
next.  It seems a bit much for Entercom to say that Minihane's remarks 
didn't comply with Entercom's standards only AFTER Fox withdrew its 
advertizing.  That suggests that Entercom has no standards of good taste 
unless it hits them in the pocketbook.

It should also be noted that, so long as Minihane was criticizing 
Andrews for a softball interview, there was no problem.  It's when he 
degenerated into sexist innuendo that he crossed the line.

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