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Wed Jul 16 13:27:59 EDT 2014

Unlike WODS Classic Hits, WDRC-FM did not move to –2.
The WDRC-FM-1 that existed prior to July 6 is Gone. 
The version on –2 is a 50’s & 60’s version that has been there for a few years now and, it appears from recent sampling, that the new owners have not changed it.

The WODS-HD2 Classic Hits stream is available on line, but only through the MIX 104.1 site. If you go to the CBS Boston/WBZ/Amp radio, etc, site, you won’t see WODS-HD2 listed there.

The costly and limited internet feeds are unreliable and even the most connected internet users have limited internet access. Until the internet provides a free, reliable feed to car radios on the move, portable radios and all the radios around the house there is a big reason to use radio waves. A 20 year old Super radio and a 40 year old Pioneer receiver will sit there and play for years without shutting down.
Radio is a practical low cost listening device, is reliable, has easy connectivity to get a loud, high quality sound and is usable most anywhere. The internet shares little of the aforementioned advantages. At the current rate of internet mobility, reliability and advancement, we will be listening to our Broadcast radios for many years.

Mark Casey

From: Jim Motyl 
Subject: Re: WDRC-FM

Everyone got excited about the WODS flip; just to discover it was moved to 103.3 HD-2. The old DRC-FM is still on 102.9 HD-2. One of the live oldies station is still WLNG on line and with a very sharp web camera. 
Since everyone has access to the internet, there is very little reason to rely on 'regular' 20th century radio waves.


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