LPFM's in Boston

Don Donald_Astelle@Yahoo.com
Tue Jan 7 15:21:26 EST 2014

Hello All!

I remember when people were preparing for all the LPFM applications, the 
current thinking was that there were no available frequencies available in 
Boston.  (and virtually none available inside 128!)

When the applicants were released, there were indeed a bunch of applicants 
for frequencies right in Boston.

94.9 is being sought by "Boston Hispanic Community Radio", "Faith Tabernacle 
Church", "Boston Public Schools". "Winthrop Art Association", "Zumix" (a 
school station), "WInchester School of Chinese Culture" and "Renaissance 
Chinese Cultural Association".  Also an indididual "Christopher W. Moriarty" 
in Somerville

102.9 is being sought by "Global Ministries Church Dorchester".

Was 94.9 and 102.9 REALLY available?

Did each of these orgnaizations cough up the $5k to $12k to prepare an 

Seems like a big layout for a "maybe" application.


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