Radio Names

Ted Larsen
Thu Aug 21 12:16:53 EDT 2014

My real name is Thorvald Lauritsen. Not too good for radio. WMEX told me to 
change it to "Ted Larsen." I thanked the short-lived Art Simmers.

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From: Paul B. Walker, Jr.
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Subject: Radio Names

A thread on here about Dan Dnovan at WMEX made me think of a question I've
been asked quite a few times in my 10 year on air radio career....

"Is that your real name?"

People seem to assume radio folks use fake names.. but I tell them, "Yes,
Paul Walker is my real name.  If I was going to use a fake name, I'd pick
something better then Paul Walker. I don't use a fake name because my luck,
Id be rushing into the studio to talk and I'd forget what my air name was"

Most non radio people I've come across refer to it as a "fake name".. they
don't call it a stage name or "air name".

I guess they thought because there was an actor with the same name, I
picked my name 'cuse of him.

"The Original" Paul B. Walker, Jr. 

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