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A Joseph Ross
Fri Aug 22 00:27:01 EDT 2014

WBZ once had an evening talk-show host by the name of "Bob Kennedy."  I 
assume that was his real name because otherwise why pick a name 
identical to that of the President's brother?  His evening show was 
originally called "Program PM," and later moved earlier and became 
"Contact," eventually with a 9:00 AM TV edition. Originally he kept 
calling himself "The other Bob Kennedy."  he stopped that after JFK's 

On 8/21/2014 9:53 AM, Paul B. Walker, Jr. wrote:
> A thread on here about Dan Dnovan at WMEX made me think of a question I've
> been asked quite a few times in my 10 year on air radio career....
> "Is that your real name?"
> People seem to assume radio folks use fake names.. but I tell them, "Yes,
> Paul Walker is my real name.  If I was going to use a fake name, I'd pick
> something better then Paul Walker. I don't use a fake name because my luck,
> Id be rushing into the studio to talk and I'd forget what my air name was"
> Most non radio people I've come across refer to it as a "fake name".. they
> don't call it a stage name or "air name".
> I guess they thought because there was an actor with the same name, I
> picked my name 'cuse of him.
> "The Original" Paul B. Walker, Jr.
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