CC to help WBWL by downgrading Cape, RI stations

Bob Nelson
Thu Aug 7 07:53:06 EDT 2014

When Clear Channel got the station, they briefly did billboards for it
under the Harbor and Evolution formats, and now the Bull format. (For that
matter I think they also briefly did billboards for 1200 and 1430 under
progressive talk). It was noted I think when the Evolution billboards went
up that some of them were far to the south of what 101.7's signal would

Well, it could be that maybe that was for some commuters who might be able
to get 101.7 as they get closer to Boston, or they knew in some ways they
could change the direction of 101.7 (and downgrade other stations) so it
would make sense...though that was a while ago. It's possible the Bull
billboards are showing up on some of those electronic signs that are up in
places like Stoneham, Peabody, etc. (though at least one of those,  next to
the North Shore mall, is apparently not Clear Channel--it says TOTAL

Also even if someone can't get the signal of WBWL at work, etc.via radio
they could get it via web streaming on a computer or cell phone. I listen
to WRKO at work that way (at least on the workroom floor where there's lots
of interference; WRKO's stream tends to have station promos and PSAs only,
other than maybe an ad
on the top of the hour newscast).

On Wed, Aug 6, 2014 at 3:28 PM, Garrett Wollman <>

> <<On Wed, 6 Aug 2014 09:19:57 -0400, Bob Nelson <>
> said:
> > The applications have been filed, with WWBB moving to a different
> > transmitter site and reducing power and WCIB reducing power and changing
> > pattern, to enable WBWL 101.7 to go non-directional and improve reception
> > to the south. The station doubled its numbers in the 6 plus ratings this
> > past month.
> Clear Channel has been using some of its billboard faces to promote
> the station.  I noted one on the Turnpike Extension inbound in
> Brighton last week, about 1000 feet after a WKLB-FM billboard.
> -GAWollman

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