1510 to libertarian talk in June

Rob Landry 011010001@interpring.com
Wed Apr 30 13:19:42 EDT 2014

On Wed, 30 Apr 2014, Bob Nelson wrote:

> Thanks to Dan for the correction, WXBR is 1460. Not the first time we've had
> similar call letters in town. At one point there was WBCS 96.9 and WBCN
> 104.1. At another, WMKK 93.7 and WTKK 96.9...1510 was WWZN "The Zone" for
> years. Imagine if they'd tried to image themselves as Boston's Zone and
> attempted to get the calls WBZN :)

Supposedly there was once a daytimer down south on 1030 that had the call 
letters WBZE.

I once jokingly suggested to the folks who used to own 1180 in southern 
Rhode Island that they ought to change the calls to WAJM.


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