Station Jingles

D. A.
Mon Apr 28 23:06:08 EDT 2014

>> Does anyone have any insight or thoughts about the "jingle" business?-Nick    

Volumes could be written about radio jingle history!  If you've ever worked at a heritage station, you may have come across their old jingle package on vinyl discs.  There was the period of jingle "long songs.  And of course the "shotgun" jingle....and the much maligned "drums and singers" era (i.e..."rata-tat-tat...MUSIC-Q-X-I!!!)

There was a time that WRKO used only one jingle (or at least it seemed that way.) (drum roll.....68-R-K-O!)

I always thought that WABC had the best jingles.  But then again, big stations could afford the best singers and studio musicians....and the jingle companies would cater to those big stations, knowing they could then syndicate the package to mid to small market stations around the country.

For some reason, even though in market #183 you had the same package and same company as WABC...they always sounded crappier in East Lansing, or Brownsville than they did on WABC, WLS, WRKO, etc.  

In Boston, of course, the old WVBF "Electronic Mama" Heller jingles were so unique!

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