Clemons wants to go on legally

Jeff Lehmann
Sat Apr 19 16:07:20 EDT 2014

Excellent point. Also I wonder how much Radio China International is paying Radio One to lease WILD with their extremely low audio programming? If Clemens, etc could find a way to pay Radio One to lease it, they would instantly have a dial position and call letters strongly associated with the same audience he is trying to serve. 

Jeff Lehmann

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> If Clemons is really interested in a station that would serve inner-city Boston, he should get in touch with Alex Langer. Unless Clemons is too proud to be interested in an AM station, Langer's 1410 would be ideal for him. AFAIK, 1410 is simply simulcasting Langer's 650, whose signal completely envelopes 1410's meager converage area. The 1410 signal is terrible but it does include low-ppower nighttime authority.
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>  group together and buy a small station-- which I have not seen him even try
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