CONFIRMED - Feds shut down Touch FM 106.1

Fri Apr 18 01:40:19 EDT 2014

>>Anyway, I agree that Boston's black community needs a station of its own,
>>and yes, many people did listen to Touch. But why not do it the legal way?
>>I know buying a station is expensive, but surely there are donors who
>>would support such a worthy venture, and/or maybe there is a currently
>>silent AM in a suburban location that could get a signal into Boston.<<

Statistically....on AM: 1200, 1260, 1330 and 1510 (+1150 sort of), all get a
decent day and night signal into Roxbury/Dorchester/Grove Hall.  I amagine
they are all possibilities for sale.  (Getting one of those stations and 
leasing an in town FM HD signal would be a great combination!)

And then of course there's 1090AM...the old WILD with a daytime only signal
(Mr. Clemons made reference to that station being a if that
were beneath him.)

Of those, Radio Disney (1260) has been rumored to be selling all their O&O
stations.  And I think Clear Channel could do well with a black oriented
station with news and talk on their 1200AM station.  1510AM has a pretty
strong signal within city limits...and is looking for something to do.

These signals would have to lean on news and opposed to the music
format on Touch 106.1.  However, if it's all about "community invovlment",
then news and talk would fit the bill, wouldn't it?

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