Evolution 101.7 simulcast on WXKS-FM HD2

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Tue Nov 26 15:33:45 EST 2013

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>Someone on a messageboard noticed that WXKS FM 107.9's HD2 was no longer >carrying Matty's Comedy, the former format of WXKS 1200. That station >changed to Bloomberg, with a simulcast on the WJMN HD 2 signal. What's now >on 107.9 HD2 is CC's WEDX 101.7 Lynn, and the TOH ID even includes the HD 2 >for 107.9. >Could just be CC accenting its elec dance music format on a station where >the HD2 might carry it further, but one wonders if maybe they may try >something else on 101.7 and relegate the "EDM" to HD2. My guess is that >won't happen but the possibility does exist, however remote.
Does WEDX ever have commercials? I have too weak a constitution to monitor the station myself,
but I've tried around the top-of-the-hour and there may be one or two spots then but otherwise
non-stop thump-thump-thump-thump-thump-thump-thump. CCM+E is trying to postpone payback
of its BILLYUNS and BILLYUNS and BILLYUNS of dollars of debt, including presumably the $14 million dollars
they overpaid for WFNX.

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