Boston radio dial in 1963

Karen McTrotsky
Mon Nov 25 17:00:37 EST 2013

Bill Dillane wrote:

    I thought Jim Westover was hired in 1963 to do telephone talk at
night.  I screened calls for him in 1971/72.

Best I can find for a definitive answer is two items from Pitts papers

Westover resigned from KDKA in Feb, 1964 to go to WEEI according to the
Feb. 11, 1964 Pittsburgh Press.  It was reported by the Pittsburgh
Post-Gazette on Mar 24, 1965 that Westover was being moved to AM drive at
WEEI  after a year and a month on nights, so the math works for a 1964
hiring in Boston which would post-date the retirement of America's fabulous
free-lance insurance investigator.

In a 1965 KDKA history, published by U of Penn Press, it says Westover used
to do an organ music program there in the 40s called "Organ Logs." I guess
he was the Ken Wilson of the steel city. Westover had  studied piano, organ
and theory at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester. He joined KDKA in
1958 as a jock  after a stint at KQV; his KDKA record show featured the
bottom 40; songs he never received their due

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