Boston radio dial in 1963

A Joseph Ross
Mon Nov 25 01:44:59 EST 2013

On 11/24/2013 11:08 PM, Bill Dillane wrote:

>> WEEI - 590 talk, CBS news, drama shows such as "Yours Truly Johnny Dollar" and "Suspense"
> I thought Jim Westover was hired in 1963 to do telephone talk at night.  I screened calls for him in 1971/72.

Well, as I said awhile ago, Suspense and Johnny Dollar were gone by 
1963.  But the last remaining radio dramas were on CBS radio fairly 
early on Sunday evening, I think around 5:00 or 6:00 or so.  At one time 
there were four shows: Gunsmoke, Have Gun, Will Travel, Suspense, and 
Johnny Dollar.  At one time I read that Johnny Dollar was the last of 
them because it was the last show in that block when they all went off.  
But I've also read that at least some of the others, maybe all, had 
already gone off earlier when Johnny Dollar left the air.

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