69 LPFM applications for Mass. in the latest filing window

Garrett Wollman wollman@bimajority.org
Sun Nov 24 00:30:36 EST 2013

<<On Sat, 23 Nov 2013 23:42:21 -0500, Richard Chonak <richard@chonak.com> said:

> FCC writes:
>> LPFM stations are available to noncommercial educational entities and
>> public safety and transportation organizations, but are not available
>> to individuals or for commercial operations.  

> I wonder whether the two individuals in Fall River know this.  The
> pirates seem to understand that commercial operations aren't eligible.  

The "Melissa Cleaves" application is actually from the Greater Fall
River Baptist Church; she apparently misunderstood (or didn't read)
the instructions on the form.  (It says "Legal Name of the Applicant",
but she seems to have misunderstood "Applicant" as "the person filling
out this form" rather than "the entity requesting a permit".)

"Jason Cleaves" appears to have the same misunderstanding.  He
apparently operates a streamer called "Troy City Radio", but the
application is deficient in a number of areas and will probably be
tossed if he doesn't amend it to specify an eligible licensee and
provide a valid engineering exhibit to supplement "THERE SHOULD BE NO

I wonder how many of the 2,700 other applications have similar


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