Boston radio dial in 1963

Martin Waters
Sat Nov 23 19:45:52 EST 2013

>Dan Strassberg wrote: In 1963, WNAC 680 was DA-1; it has been DA-2
>for many years but, AFAIK, not all the way back in 1963.
     IIRC, the history of WLAW/WNAC/WRKO on bostonradio says the station upgraded to DA-2 with a new daytime pattern just before its flip in early 1967 to top 40 with the new WRKO calls. It was aimed at improving the daytime signal in Metro West -- although it's still not what you'd like to have and really falls short at night. All the significant Boston AM stations except WBZ have to use DA's that hurt their signals in Metro West. Which reminds me . . . I've always wondered how two stations on the air by the mid-1920's, 590 in Boston and 580 in Worcester, ended up stuck on first adjacent channels so their signals had to be so significantly compromised. 

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